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Superior Stucco Reinforcing

No. 17   1- 1/2" x 1-1/2" - Alternative to 2.5 diamond metal lath
Structalath Twin Trac is an innovative self furring reinforcing lath that simplifies the attachment of lath to wood and steel studs. It is excellent for commercial construction; Twin Trac has all the great features of regular Structalath with the addition of eight secondary cold-rolled longitudinal wires that add strength to form a 'track' for convenient attachment. Twin Trac can be substituted wherever 2.5 metal lath has been specified.
A. Width of furring leg 3/8"
B. Furring height 3/16" to the underside of the cross wire
C. Furring rows every 3" on centre
D. Every cross wire is furred
E. Tabs are aligned with edge wire and extend 1/4" beyond edge wires
F. Overall width is 38 3/8". Designed for full coverage of 9' - 3" wall heights including code required overlaps
G. Rolls are 38 3/8" wide by 150 ft. long (53 square yards).